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Unbelievable service, communication, and empathetic folks here
"Unbelievable service, communication, and empathetic folks here.
The BEST place in Morris County (or anywhere, for that matter)
to make sure your little furry babies get the BEST care humanly possible."

by Chris March 31st, 2010

The people who take care of your cat are cat lovers and know cats
"The people who take care of your cat are cat lovers and know cats. They only handle cats -- no noisy dogs. They will feed whatever you want. Flexible for emergencies. While the condos are smallish, the cats are out at least once a day to wander and run around and get some human interaction."

by Marlene December 1st, 2010

Although the place is about 1 hour away from my house, I have done the trips several times...
"Although the place is about 1 hour away from my house, I have done the trips several times already, every time I have to go out of town. The place is great, good ample "condos", friendly staff. My cat and I are very pleased."

by Margarita Garcia September 30th, 2010

I have used the Cat Chalet for several years and have found the cleanliness and loving care as...
"I have used the Cat Chalet for several years and have found the cleanliness and loving care as good as my cats receive at home. I have recommended them to several of my friends. I will continue to leave my cat in their care anytime I need peace of mind and exceptional care for him."

by Mary April 10th, 2010

My cat, Teddy, has been staying at the Cat Chalet for 7 years now - he never has stayed anywhere...
"My cat, Teddy, has been staying at the Cat Chalet for 7 years now - he never has stayed anywhere else when I travel. Susan and her helpers really have taken the time to get to know him. I wouldn't leave him anywhere else!
And it's a big plus that he has his own "little room" with a window not a crate - I would never leave any cat in a crate!"

by Teddy's owner March 1st, 2010

A very quiet and clean area for the cats
"A very quiet and clean area for the cats.
Nice size area for each cat. Easy to find and get to. "

by JoAnn C. February 25th, 2010

Cat Chalet is a wonderful establishment for cats
"Cat Chalet is a wonderful establishment for cats. It's very clean, the cages are more than adequate and the cats are well cared for. I never worry when I board my cat. I would highly recommend them to everyone."

by Ookie's Mom February 24th, 2010

We asked our customers, “What do you like about the Cat Chalet?”  And here are some of their responses.

  • good clean facility
  • Fergus was cared for, not just fed and scooped. Your staff spoke to him as if he was a human - which I do.
  • I like that the service is for cats only as I have an old cat that is afraid of dogs. Also, cleanliness was noted and appreciated. My cat requires medicine every day and I felt confident that the doses would be given.
  • You and your staff are very responsive to the concerns of your clients. Our cat Noah has a host of medical issues and stress can make him worse. He's been coming to the Cat Chalet for several years now and not only does he receive loving attention and care, he always comes home relaxed and happy. That relieves a lot of stress for us too, knowing he's happy to be with you while we're gone.
  • Required all the necessary information (the cat's vet for emergency, our cellphone number). Gave our cat her medicine. Our cat felt good (she was let out of her cubicle and petted).
  • Very friendly staff. Allowing all of the cat's some "out" time out of their cages. Nicely decorated cages.
  • Your facility if very, very clean. It seems that you care very much about your temporary boarders. You are very professional and I will always use you when my cat has to be boarded.
  • You took excellent care of my cat and seemed to take a personal interest in him. I like that Susan is there all of the time and that she encouraged her staff and her son to take my cat out of his cage and play with him. There is no "cat odor" there either, so the litter boxes are apparently cleaned often!
  • Everything. The Chalet is well equipped. I like the fact that it is for cats only. The personnel is obviously warm and friendly. My cat is now 2 years old and I have been a customer of the Cat Chalet since he was about 4 months old. He has been at the Chalet for varying periods of time-- from a couple of days to 3 weeks. I have full confidence that he will be well cared for and any special instructions I have will be followed.
  • Special care of my cats and the roomy accommodations
  • I like that it's a place for cats only. It's close to where I live. The staff is very nice.
  • Friendly. We liked the space the cats would get, they wouldn't be locked up in a small space for a week, they had a lot of space.
  • It was clean.
  • I like the cleanliness, and safety with locking the outside door; and most importantly, letting the cats out of their condos for exercise and companionship with the staff.
  • We feel like our cat is well cared for and the facilities are immaculate.
  • I was referred by a friend several years ago and love you guys. I have always been able to bring in my cat when I went away without worrying too much about her. As much as she seems nervous and probably would rather be home in her surroundings, she adjusts and should be used to Cat Chalet by now. There has never been a problem with her physically or "mentally" after we bring her home and I feel that is because you all care for her and make her feel comfortable. Not to mention that everyone there has been nothing but nice and pleasant to deal with.
  • My cat was well cared for and in good condition when I picked her up. She was calm, instead of agitated when we returned home. All those connected with Cat Chalet seem genuinely fond of cats.
  • I loved the individual "cat rooms" and the ability for Winston to see out or choose to hide behind the little curtain!! There were absolutely no horrible cat smells, so we were really pleased about that!
  • The cat chalet is a very clean, friendly place to leave my cats.
  • The place is very clean, well kept. There is always some responsible person in the premises. The space provided for each cat is good.
  • Our cat, KT, was treated with respect and kindness. We know he is fed and well cared-for. All of the staff truly loves cats and it shows.
  • I am an overprotective cat owner, and I was patiently dealt with as I called to check up on my boys DAILY. I felt that they were being personally looked after and it gave me great comfort to know that they were being watched so carefully.
  • Personal attention to the cats. Staff was very attentive to our 3 cats.
  • Everything! Very personal care, clean facility, knowledgeable workers. We have a good time when away, knowing our cats are happy and well cared for
  • Cats ONLY! Preferred food available (Iam's).
  • We feel very confident leaving our three cats at The Cat Chalet. We know they are in a nurturing environment and are being very well taken care of. We are able to enjoy our time away "stress- free" knowing that our cats are safe and happy. One more important point...The Cat Chalet is very, very clean and everyone is very friendly!
  • obviously cat friendly, easy going
  • I liked where the cats stayed. It was clean and quiet. The cat came home nice and healthy-no problems. Good drop off and pick up times. Easy to find.
  • I liked the fact that my cats were able 2 stay together & that my vet recommended you!
  • It is over all satisfactory and reliable. Staff and owner are friendly. One feels they like cats and it is more than a job for them.
  • Very clean and well maintained, roomy kennels with multi-levels and privacy curtains for shy cats. Friendly staff.
  • I liked that it's only for cats and that your rates for the services provided were very reasonable.
  • I first contacted you since you board only cats. I continue to be a client since you are willing to put up with the difficulties Gizmo can present when he is there. I know that you are willing to be patient and try to work with him so that hopefully at some point he will not mind being there. I appreciate the understanding and care that you put into the time he spends there. Your experience is invaluable and I know he is being well cared for.
  • *Clean facility *Quality care *Friendliness
  • So reliable and so clean. We like that we never have to worry about our precious kitty when we leave her with you. Everyone is so accommodating and seem truly pleased to see us when we drop our kitty off.
  • I like the quiet atmosphere. Our cat Olivia is an older cat and if he does need to be away from us once in a while at least he is in a calm atmosphere where I know he is safe and quiet and well taken care of. Also everyone is very kind and professional and they show that they really love cats!
  • Over the 7 years I have been bringing my cat - Teddy to the Cat Chalet he has gotten use to going there and everyone there has gotten to know him. All workers are very friendly and caring.
  • very friendly, and really like the cats! I've recommended your service to others.
  • Personalized care. All cat environment. Large cat condos. Clean
  • The individual compartments for the cats and the attention given to the animals.
  • The personal attention my cat received.
  • Everything. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The "rooms" for the cars are amazing. I feel extremely comfortable leaving my cat with Cat Chalet. The first time I used your service, my kitten was about 4 months old. I was anxious, but re-assured by the staff. He was happy and healthy and I will continue to use the service.
  • friendly, clean, big
  • Specialize in cats/ very clean units with lots of room for the cats
  • cat's only, professional staff
  • The people that care for our cats are caring and professional.
  • cat cages are generous size and people seem to care about the cats
  • Very clean and the area did not smell with all the cats there. Jax came home fine (most important), Jax had room to move around his condo with the multi levels (great). Loved the personal attention my cat received. Very happy. Felt he was safe; feed, had his pills and he returned home as best as excepted.
  • I like the size of the rooms for my cat and the personal attention they have received. I appreciate the fact they seem to be comfortable being left the second and subsequent times.
  • That it is cats only. It is in a good location. Someone else recommended it to me. Owner and workers all seem to like cats and talk about how my cat behaved when staying there -- making me think that she is more than just a job, they do care about her.
  • Convenience, location, cost (a real help with the budget for multiple cats), and most importantly, you seemed to care about Pepper and DaKota who were still "kittens" at that time. Also the kittens could stay together in their own "Chalet".
  • Everything--The Cat Chalet is a gem--clean, friendly and caring staff. I am totally comfortable leaving my cat at the Chalet.
  • The personal touch and friendliness of your staff. Also, the facility is clean and the quarters for the cats are very comfortable. Our cats always seem so peaceful when we come to pick them up. The last time we came to pick them up they did not want to leave their "condo."
  • Personal love & experience w/ cats & animals. Friendliness. Good Organization of services.
  • Everything! My cats are always happy to come here. The staff is very friendly and the place is immaculate. I feel very confident that they are receiving the very best care. In addition, the cost is reasonable compared to the other kennel I would consider using.
  • That my cat was safe and cared for
  • The space is tidy and clean and the 'condos' are spacious. Staff is kind and helpful.
  • No men, one of our cats is afraid of men. No dogs, our cats are not used to dogs. The privacy curtains, one of our cats loves to hide behind them. The ability to run around, one of our cats is very friendly and must really enjoy the time out side of the chalet. And of course, the staff and attention they give to cats.
  • You are always good to our cat.
  • You helped me out at the last minute. I am very appreciative. You also were able to accommodate Lily in another room. I like the fact that you do not take dogs. i think they upset the cats. your facility was very clean and Lily looked happy when I picked her up.
  • The facility is very clean, cats well care for and the personnel truly love the animals.
  • The cat "condos" were the selling point. After that, liked your treatment of my cayt/
  • Everything - I was very happy and pleased with how my cat was cared.
  • We feel our cat is well taken care of while we are away. Your facility is clean. I like that there are two levels and a curtain for the cats and I also like that you give the cats time out of their "closet" to move around a bit.
  • I liked the fact that the kitties had a very nice condo and were able to get out of them during the day to get some exercise. I also want to mention the people who take care of the kitties are very very nice and good to them.
  • The attention given to the cat and how expertly clean it is!
  • I saw the sign on the highway
  • The fact that it is only cats. Your patience with my anxious cat upon arrival. Will use my food or yours. Now, the expanding, extra services are nice options. Like that you provide feedback on how my cat behaved during her stay -- like a kid's report card.
  • I like that my cat had a room, not a cage. The Chalet is clean and inviting. I feel he is taken care of by cat lovers, who will treat him as if he was their own. A very friendly atmosphere. I was thrilled when I found the Chalet.
  • I liked the location, people
  • True cat lovers who really understand and respect the unique personalities of each cat.
  • I like the homey atmosphere and the bright area. I have had my cat in a place that was dingy and dreary once because i needed a place right away, but never again would i do that. It was upsetting for me. I like the Homey atmosphere at the" Cat chalet", but i also like the fact that i could upgrade at no extra charge if it is available because "Hey Boy" is a large Cat., I also like the fact that you let him walk around outside the Condo sometimes so he can get a little exercise. I didn't feel bad when i left "Hey Boy" with you.
  • Ability to give my cat her medicine.
  • Even though you are almost an hour away, I am at ease that my cat is being well taken care of, and the knowledge that if any health issues arise, they will be addressed. The condo and the facility is very clean, and that is so very important to me also. When my cat arrives home she shows no sign of stress which is a blessing. Thank You Susan and staff for making my time away more enjoyable knowing the level of care my cat is receiving.
  • Everyone is very pleasant to deal with, and they treated my cat very well. When i picked up my cat, I felt like she wanted to stay there! I also found your place to be very clean and bright, so I felt comfortable leaving my cat there.
  • Everything. Your staff is marvelous caring and knowledgeable.. The facilities are wonderful.
  • I like the way you treat Hey Boy like family, He gets nervous when he is being taken somewhere, but when he sees Linda he feels like he is in his home away from home. When i go to pick him up, he keeps hanging around and isn't sure if he wants to leave.
  • We particularly liked that this facility only cares for cats, which is our preference as our kitty gets stressed out at other boarding facilities where dogs are barking all the time.
  • Both of my cats could be together in a condo, which you don't charge extra for food the owners provide. One of mine required prescription food. The chalet is very clean and all the cats seem happy!
  • That you only take cats and that you will medicate cats that require it
  • I liked that my 2 cats were able 2 stay together. They are now almost 13 but started using u 2 1/2 yrs ago. I've found the staff very friendly and helpful!!




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