Our Grand Opening!

The Cat Chalet celebrated it's opening night by invited friends and family to spend some time checking out the hard work that has kept everyone so busy for the last 8 months.
Chris Mohr was sporting a special Cat Chalet T-Shirt to start off the night in fashion. Chris 14, is my stepson who has contributed to the construction of the kennel.
From Left to right, Michele 3, Brianna 6, and Paige 3 where also sporting the Special Cat Chalet T-Shirts provided by Sister, Cindy Spreder and good friend Barbara Foster. The girls and their parents were a big part of the kennel.
Doctor Perona and Father, Harry Spreder are showing us what men do at a cat house.

We had about 30 guests who came to inspect the facility and enjoyed the food and grog.
Chip is one of the house cats that came to celebrate in one of the largest condos we have.
Kramer is another house cat that became very comfortable in a smaller condo. As you can see, they can sprawl out and relax in any of the 17 condos. These condos are much roomier than the average kennel cage.
I want to thank everyone who attended this upscale event and also for all the wonderful gifts everyone brought. These two pictures are filled with the plants and gifts that I will treasure from this event.


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