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For Immediate Release - January 25, 2014

Owner Susan Spreder-Mohr
The Cat Chalet
551 Route 10 East
Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone: (973) 989-6160

Reunited After Three Months                    

Mitzvah, a beautiful Seal Point Siamese cat, was finally reunited with Shirley, her owner, after several months. Shirley had been ill and was in a nursing home for two months recovering from surgery. A neighbor of hers was coming in every other day to feed Mitzvah and clean the litter box. But after a few days, Mitzvah stopped eating and seemed depressed. Shirley’s daughter was distraught about her mother’s condition and now the cat’s behavior. It was more than she could bear.

Realizing she had to do something, Shirley’s daughter e-mailed the Cat Chalet in Randolph, New Jersey, to see if it could help. Susan Mohr, owner of the Cat Chalet, agreed to take the cat, however, she knew that Mitzvah being united with her owner was not a guarantee. “It was a risky proposition since the owner was elderly and ill, and anything could happen, but I felt I needed to help this cat and decided it was my obligation to see what I could do,” said Mohr.

Mitzvah came to the Cat Chalet extremely scared and skinny. It looked like she stopped eating soon after Shirley became ill. For three days, she wouldn’t eat. Her eyes were as big as baseballs. She didn’t trust anyone. She would back away if you came close to her. The Cat Chalet staff made it their mission to get her eating again. They were patient and slowly let Mitzvah come to them. Soon, she started eating wet food and wanted to walk around the kennel.

After a few weeks, Shirley’s daughter sent another e-mail: her mother was returning home and after a few days of adjusting back to her house, she wanted Mitzvah home with her. However, Shirley’s daughter had a full work schedule and family obligations, and she couldn’t bring the cat back to her mom.

As it turned out, Shirley lived in Hackettstown where one of the Cat Chalet employees, Colleen, lived. Colleen offered to drop Mitzvah off at Shirley’s house. When Mitzvah got home, she ran around the house, excited to be back with her owner. Shirley was excited to have Mitzvah back too, but she was having problems getting around. Colleen was concerned that Shirley may have trouble taking care of Mitzvah. Colleen agreed to come over and check on both of them until Shirley was able to do more on her own.

Ever since then, Colleen has been going over to Shirley’s house once a week to check on Mitzvah and her owner. Shirley is slowly getting back on her feet. She has said how grateful she is for the staff at the Cat Chalet for taking such great care of her precious baby. “Thank you for everything you have done for me and Mitzvah,” Shirley has said multiple times to Colleen.

At the Cat Chalet, the staff makes sure your cat is happy, safe, and sound. Whether it is ensuring a beautiful reunion or making a cat more comfortable during its stay, the Cat Chalet will do everything it can to make every story have a happy ending. They are located in Randolph, NJ on Route 10. If you would like to see how the Cat Chalet can make a difference in your cat’s life, call ahead for a reservation, 973-989-6160, and visit the website,


For Immediate Release - May 21, 2002

Owner Susan Spreder-Mohr
The Cat Chalet
551 Route 10 East
Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone: (973) 989-6160


Just because you can't bring your cat on your trip, doesn't mean your
cat can't enjoy a trip too. In May 2002,
The Cat Chalet, a cat
boarding and grooming facility, has just opened at 551 Route 10 East in
Randolph, New Jersey. Susan Spreder-Mohr, owner of
The Cat Chalet, is
opening the facility to provide people with "a safe atmosphere where
they know their cat will be treated with the utmost care and love." She
is a cat owner herself who understands the need for a quiet, cat-only
facility that will "assure customers that their cats will be treated
like one of the family." Working in the feline care industry is not new
to Spreder-Mohr who in 1984 worked for Dr. Emil E. Perona during the
startup of the Cozy Cat boarding facility in Andover, New Jersey.

The Cat Chalet provides each guest with two private room options. The
first is a large condo that can accommodate one to two cats. These
condos are full stand-up height, 3 feet deep, and 3 feet wide. The second is a
larger condo that can accommodate up to three cats. These condos are
stand-up height, 3 ½ feet deep, and 3 ½ feet wide. Both accommodations
offer two shelves with curtains for privacy and a fresh, clean litterbox.
Every condo has a full-size screen door so your cat can interact with
the friendly staff, but not other guests.

The Cat Chalet provides two daily feedings and offers a plethora of cat
food choices from dry to canned. Oral medications can be administered
for a small fee, and catnip toys are on sale for your cat's enjoyment.
Spreder-Mohr has opened
The Cat Chalet, so your
cat can be treated like royalty, even when you're not there.  Please visit for pictures and more information.

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